Your home is a refuge from the weather. Don’t let your heating system leave you in the cold this winter. The HVAC experts are Climate Control Heating and Air Sales and Service have you taken care of in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.


When your heater won’t switch on, don’t delay calling the professionals at Climate Control Heating and Air. Neglecting what may seem like a small issue now, can lead to even larger repair costs later. But how can you be sure when your heater is in need of repairs? What signs should you look for?


  • Higher Than Average Heating Bills: Have you been paying more than usual when you get your energy bill every month? Is your gas bill inexplicably high? This could be a sign that your heater isn’t performing as it should and likely needs repair.
  • Strange Noises from Your Heater: Older heating systems are known to occasionally bang, rattle, and creak. But when your system makes loud or strange noises it is best to have the professionals come take a look. These noises could lead to more serious issues if not addressed right away.
  • Cold Spots or Uneven Temperatures: Uneven temperatures could be caused by multiple different issues. Whatever the issue is, the sooner you can have your system checked the better.
  • Changes in Indoor Air Quality: Changes in air pressure can mean the air flow through your ducts isn’t what it should be. This can result in dust accumulating in your ducts and around your home. If you notice an increase in dust in your home, you should consider having your heating system looked at.


If you notice these symptoms or feel like your heating system isn’t operating as it should be, call Climate Control Heating and Air and have our team repair your system and get your heater working fast.