Your days are packed with things to do. While you are on the go, smart home technology lets you program your life for efficiency and comfort. With home automation, you can monitor and control your systems remotely from your phone or from a centralized thermostat. Smart automation gives you freedom and control over your home, increasing comfort and showing you how to reduce your energy spending. The professionals at Climate Control Heating and Air are standing by to create a custom home automation solution for your home or business today.

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Zone Control Systems

To get the most out of your air conditioning and heating system, you should consider installing a state-of-the-art programmable thermostat from the professionals at Climate Control Heating and Air. Already trusted by your family and neighbors, and thousands of others across Bexar County, Climate Control Heating and Air can install your homes thermostat with a top level of care and customer service.

Zone control heating and air conditioning allows you to dictate the output of your system to each part of your home. This makes your system more energy efficient, and you and your family more comfortable. Trust the technicians at Climate Control Heating and Air to create a custom system for your home.

Nest Thermostats are have become more popular over the years because of their ease of use and their ability to learn and adjust to you and your home’s needs. You can adjust a Nest manually, with an application on your device, or with a smart home device such as Google Home or Alexa. They work with all types of heating and cooling systems and can save you money!

Home Automation means you can easily control your HVAC system, electronic locks, smart lights, garage door, security system, and any other smart technology you have in your home from your phone or tablet. The Nexia Home Automation System can streamline your home and give you the freedom to control and monitor your home from virtually anywhere. The all-in-one Nexia app connects all your smart devices and allows you to set everyday tasks like turning up your heat before your get home from work or unlocking the front door before your dog walker arrives. For even more information on the Nexia Home Automation System click here.