Follow This HVAC Maintenance Checklist To Keep Your System Working Right

The best advice for maintaining the life of your HVAC system is to have twice-yearly checks and repairs by an experienced HVAC technician working for a reputable heating and air conditioning company. But between professional checks, there are things you can do yourself to help maintain the life of your system.

While only professionals should work on your HVAC system’s wiring and mechanisms, the following maintenance items are within the capabilities of almost any homeowner.

Right away:

  • Purchase a pleated, high-efficiency air filter for your system, and change it regularly for improved performance.
  • Check outdoor units for leaves and grass, then clear it away.
  • Maintain a clean and clear space of at least two feet around all outdoor heating and air conditioning units.

Several times each year:

  • Inspect refrigerant lines and other parts of your units for damage or leaks.
  • Change that high-efficiency air filter, something that needs to be done at least every 90 days.
  • Consider having a professional check by an HVAC expert to find problems you can’t spot, something that should be done in the spring before you start using the air conditioner and in the fall before you start using the heater.

Every year:

  • Replace your carbon monoxide detector to maintain the safety of your home, especially if you have a gas-powered furnace.
  • Check the ground under your outdoor AC unit make sure it’s firm and level, and if the ground has shifted shore up the unit to maintain level.
  • Clean the AC condensation drain with bleach and water to prevent clogs and a buildup of sludge.

Some HVAC Facts To Consider

Did you know that HVAC filters aren’t like they used to be? Today’s high-efficiency pleated filter options are electrostatically charged so that they grab tiny dirt, dust, pollen and other particles – including dangerous ones that can harm you – just like a magnet grabs metal. But you must replace these filters at least every 90 days if you want them to work like they should.

You can do a lot of damage over time by allowing lawn mower clippings to get inside your outdoor HVAC units. When allowing two feet of clearance around your unit, be sure not to allow grass clippings to blow inside. And check the units frequently to make sure nothing has found its way in. It’s especially important to check for leaves and twigs if your unit is under a tree or there are trees nearby.

People often forget to ensure that their outdoor units are level. Whether your unit is on a concrete slab or some other kind of surface, check to make sure it stays level. Units that aren’t level don’t perform well and can clog up. Remember to pour a mixture of water and bleach down your AC condensate line too. This will get rid of many kinds of small clogs and eliminate mold, algae and other sludge.

Replacing the battery in your carbon monoxide detector may not seem like part of HVAC maintenance, but your carbon monoxide detector can prevent you from being harmed by your gas-powered heaters and other components.

When you take the right actions and diligently maintain your HVAC system, it can last much longer than a neglected system. Just as you must maintain a car’s engine and the sharp edge of your best kitchen knife, you must maintain an HVAC system carefully and thoroughly.

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