Your home’s ductwork is a complex system of vents and insulated tubes that route the warm or cool air from your HVAC system to specific places in your home. Duct installation & sealing builds a web of tubes requiring precision installation because it must fit in many tight spaces on its path to every room in your home.

One tear, hole, or leak can sabotage the efficiency of your entire system, but our experts at Climate Control can reverse the damage with proper duct installation & sealing service.


Air duct damage leaves you with reduced efficiency that costs you money, leaves you with less airflow volume than you might expect, and allows pollutants to infiltrate your indoor air. But we can help you. We have extensive experience with all sort of ductwork repairs, including duct sealing.

Since we build, install, and repair ductwork, we understand the best ways to seal it to minimize the effects of time, damage, and improper installation. Our proprietary process gets to every hole, rip, seal, and other point of leakage and seals it tighter than it was the day it was installed. That’s why we’re the top choice for duct sealing in San Antonio, TX and across Central Texas.


While many people have ducts sealed to increase system efficiency, duct sealing is also important for protecting indoor air quality. The air that goes through your ducts is supposed to pass through a filter first, but unfiltered air can be drawn into the system anywhere there’s a penetration or opening, allowing your HVAC system to circulate dirt and pollutants throughout your home.

When you seal your ducts, you’re ensuring cleaner air and eliminating loss of energy from escaped cooled or heated air, so it’s a win-win situation.

Are you experiencing an energy bill spike or having respiratory problems? There’s a real chance that leaky air ducts are to blame. Contact us now at Climate Control, then let us come to your home in San Antonio or the surrounding area perform a ductwork diagnosis for you.

We can identify your problems and institute solutions that will save you money and reduce health issues for years to come. We’ve already helped many others and look forward to the opportunity to make a true difference for you. It’s what our experienced technicians here at Climate Control do every day.