Why Does My AC System in Boerne, TX, Have Ice on It?

Ice on your air conditioner in Boerne, TX, develops regardless of the outdoor weather conditions when the system’s refrigerant temperature drops below freezing. When this happens, the system is vulnerable to a total failure or significant damage. By understanding why an AC system has ice on it, you can learn how to respond quickly and prevent it going forward.

Dirty Filters and Coils

Air filters and coils grow dirtier with regular use of the system. These issues directly impact how effectively the coils do their job of extracting heat energy from the air.

Routine AC maintenance and regular filter changes are helpful measures that prevent dirt from accumulating in significant quantities. Replace or clean your system’s air filters as recommended by the manufacturer. Schedule annual AC maintenance service to further minimize the chance of ice developing on the equipment.

Low AC Refrigerant Can Lead to Ice

Refrigerant runs through the air conditioner’s coils to facilitate cooling the air and lowering the air’s humidity level. Low refrigerant means that the liquid cannot flow at the right speed to properly cool the air. Often, this signifies a refrigerant leak, results in ice on the equipment and requires professional AC repair services.

Wiring Issues

Faulty wiring and thermostat issues cause the AC system to continue running even after the air in the home hits the programmed temperature. This means that the fan stops running while the compressor continues to operate, and the result is ice formation that damages the air conditioning equipment. Professional repair quickly and properly addresses this problem.

Ice on your air conditioner system is a serious issue that often signifies the need for professional AC services. If you notice ice on your AC system in Boerne, TX, contact Climate Control Heating & Air today for an AC repair service appointment.

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