Should You Finance Your Next AC Unit? 

Some Considerations to Make Your Decision Easier When it comes to replacing an old air conditioning unit, the average price is between seven to nine thousand dollars. This can be a large order for many homeowners. In the summers of San Antonio, keeping the temperature at a livable range is a matter of necessity. If… Continue Reading

Deciding Whether You Should Repair or Replace Your AC Unit

A Comprehensive Analysis  Determining the most practical solution for a malfunctioning air conditioner can be tricky. Factoring in all the components and facts, as well as energy costs, can help you move forward with confidence and coolness.  Consideration # 1 How old is your AC unit? When deciding whether to invest in AC repairs or… Continue Reading

AC Maintenance Tips

Tried and True Methods for Getting the Most Out of Your Air Conditioning System There are still several weeks of summer heat left for San Antonio. Whether you have recently installed a new air conditioning unit, are planning to, or have kept the same cooling system since 2010, there are several useful and effective tips… Continue Reading

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