4 Signs You Need New Ductwork in San Antonio, TX

Damaged ductwork does not efficiently relay the cooled air from your HVAC system to your living spaces. Consequently, your indoor environment may remain uncomfortable even if the HVAC system is running. Below, we will discuss signs that show your San Antonio, TX, home needs new ductwork.

1. There Are Unusual Noises

You may hear rattling noises in the areas where your HVAC ductwork passes through and shakes loose metal pieces. These areas include your ceilings, floors, or walls. If there is any damage, you may hear hissing sounds when air attempts to escape where holes have developed.

2. Your Energy Bills Keep Increasing

When tiny openings in your ductwork allow the cooled air to escape, your house remains warmer than it should. Your thermostat prompts the HVAC system to continue working to regulate the indoor temperatures. Working for an extended period causes the system to consume more energy than usual.

However, multiple HVAC issues can increase your energy bill. Consider scheduling an HVAC tune-up to correctly identify the issue causing an increase in energy consumption.

3. Uneven Cooling During Hotter Months

When air from the HVAC system escapes through your ductwork, only a small amount manages to reach your living space. Consequently, there will be hot and cold spots. Note that other HVAC issues, such as a clogged air filter and an oversized HVAC system, can cause uneven cooling as well.

4. Your House Is Unusually Dusty

Openings in your ductwork allow dust to make its way into your house. Cracked ducts may also allow other pollutants, such as spores from biological contaminants, to enter your indoor spaces. These pollutants lower the indoor air quality.

Too much dust in your house clogs your air filter very quickly. A clogged air filter inhibits air from entering your HVAC system for cooling, thus causing the system to overwork. To avoid these issues, consider replacing your ductwork if it’s damaged.

We always maintain professionalism in our work and deliver quality services to our clients. Contact Climate Control Heating & Air for efficient duct installations.

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