3 Signs Your San Antonio, TX Home is too Dry

As any local can tell you, oppressively humid and muggy weather is often a fact of life in San Antonio, TX. Ironically, many homeowners also deal with the opposite problem. Low humidity may sound like a good thing, but it can have serious consequences for you and your home.

Discomfort, Irritation, and Illness

When humidity levels drop too low, the dry air extracts more moisture from all available sources. Unfortunately, since your body is composed primarily of water, that includes you. As a result, you may experience itchy skin, chapped lips, and dry, scratchy eyes when the indoor humidity is too low.

Even more concerning, dry air can irritate your airways, causing nosebleeds and potentially making you more susceptible to illnesses. During the cooler months, you might also notice dry air making you feel colder, forcing you to turn up the thermostat.

Damage to Porous Materials

Low humidity levels can majorly impact porous materials in your home. These materials lose moisture in arid conditions, causing them to contract and shrink. Objects made of wood, including furniture, wood floors, and even your house, are particularly vulnerable. If dry air is a chronic problem, you’re likely to see cracks, splinters, gaps, warping, chipped paint, and other issues around your home.

Annoying Electrostatic Discharges

If you’ve ever played around with rubbing a balloon, you know that static electricity can be a blast in small doses. Of course, it’s considerably less fun when you’re getting shocked every time you touch something in your home.

A dry indoor environment is more conducive to building up static electricity, making these annoying electrostatic discharges much more common. This can also be problematic for your hair, but the most serious issue is the risk of damaging sensitive electronics.

Chronically low indoor humidity is a serious problem, but the good news is that there’s an easy, affordable solution. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, call Climate Control Heating & Air and ask about our whole-home humidifiers today.

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