3 Reasons Your AC Isn’t Releasing Cool Air in McQueeney, TX

With summer highs topping out in the mid-90s, families in McQueeney, TX, need reliable AC to beat the heat. If you aren’t getting the dependable performance you expect, here are three reasons why your air conditioner could be malfunctioning.

1. Power or Thermostat Issues

If your air conditioner isn’t receiving power or getting a signal from the thermostat, it might not start, or the system could blow hot air. Resetting the circuit breaker ensures that the system receives power and can clear some error codes. In addition to double-checking your thermostat settings, try replacing the battery if needed. It’s also possible that the thermostat wire has been damaged.

2. Frozen Coils and Ice Buildup

Low refrigerant levels and airflow imbalances are the most common culprits behind frozen AC coils. Ice can build up on the outdoor compressor coils or the evaporator coils. Replacing the air filter and hosing off the coils to remove pollen and lawn clippings helps to increase airflow. If the problem persists, have an HVAC service technician check your system’s refrigerant levels and operating pressure.

3. Faulty Capacitors and Mechanical Problems

Most HVAC systems are equipped with automatic safety features that prevent them from running if a serious problem is detected. Mechanical issues may affect the valves or capacitors, which can cause intermittent symptoms. Two of the most common symptoms are starting difficulties or sudden shutdowns before the system has cooled your home. In more serious cases, the problem could be due to a burned-out compressor or fan motor. Simple issues, such as ants or wasps in the control panel, can also cause your air conditioner to act abnormally.

At Climate Control Heating & Air, we offer preseason maintenance to prevent problems before they strike. Our service technicians can also perform AC repairs 24 hours a day to restore your comfort. Call us today for personalized assistance.

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