3 Benefits of Replacing Your Old Thermostat in Selma, TX

An outdated thermostat can put unnecessary pressure on your HVAC system and lead to unnecessary wear and tear. If it’s been a while since you’ve changed your thermostat in Selma, TX, upgrading it could be a great idea. Here are three benefits of replacing an old thermostat with a newer model.

1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Older thermostats take your home’s temperature differently than today’s systems, which tend to be more accurate. And like any mechanical device, thermostats can wear out and lose accuracy over time. A thermostat that works properly won’t force your HVAC system to run unnecessarily, which translates to overall energy efficiency.

2. Temperature Scheduling

Programmable thermostats aren’t exactly new, but if your home still has a manual thermostat, you can’t set a schedule for your HVAC system. Programmable and smart thermostats give you the freedom to set your home to whatever temperatures you choose for specific times and days alike. This can be particularly helpful if you’re on a utility plan that changes the cost of electricity at certain times of the day.

3. Flexibility

Many modern thermostats require changing temperatures, but smart thermostats give you more flexibility. If your HVAC system has zoning capabilities, it will even let you adjust room-specific temperatures.

If you forget to set your thermostat to a different temperature while at work or on vacation, you can pull up an app on your phone and change it remotely through Wi-Fi. Most smart thermostats can also use your phone to determine whether you’re home or away, then adjust the temperature accordingly. Some can also learn your heating and cooling preferences over time.

New thermostats offer convenience and potential savings, but you might need help narrowing your options with all the choices out there. Contact us today at Climate Control Heating & Air for more information or to schedule your thermostat upgrade.

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