How to Prep Your Home for an HVAC Installation in Boerne, TX

An HVAC installation in Boerne, TX, is usually a straightforward affair that follows specific procedures. You request a quote, and the installer inspects your house, gives you an estimate, and arrives on installation day to complete the work. However, you can do a few things beforehand to make the process smoother.

Clear Your Driveway

HVAC installers usually come with a vehicle or two carrying their equipment and tools. Make sure they have space to park as close to your home as possible. One good place you can clear for a parking space is your driveway.

Plan to have alternative parking for your car and clear anything else from the driveway. You could also provide an open area near your house. However, ensure you give the service techs the nearest spot to the house and provide a broad path where they can easily move to and from their van(s).

Clear the Indoor Work Area

Once you’ve identified where you want the indoor unit installed, clear out all the clutter around that area. Clearing the area helps the installers have more working space. You’ll want to remove any paintings or pictures on the walls, relocate any furniture, and remove any rugs that may get damaged during installation.

This also applies to the exterior area where the outdoor unit will go. You must clear the area of any bushes or outdoor furniture. Also, ensure you make a clear path between the other areas of work and the outdoor working space.

Schedule the Day

First, it’s crucial to mark the installation day on your calendar and prepare for the HVAC team to arrive. Installers work on time and will need to find your home open and ready. Please do so to avoid incurring more costs.

An HVAC installation is long and can take hours and up to a day to complete. The company will need to remove the old system if there is one, install the new one, and run a couple of tests to ascertain everything works perfectly.

Be Available

Having plans for the day doesn’t mean you disappear for the whole day. The installers must be able to reach you at all times. Something important may arise where they require your input.

Make Plans for the Pets and Children

If you have any children or pets, you should make plans to keep them away from your home or at least keep them engaged during the installation process. Children and pets are usually huge distractions on these types of jobs and are at risk of getting injured. You want the installers to concentrate on doing the job and not worry about harming anyone.

If you can’t make plans to keep your pets or kids away, position them away from the site and have them stay in a safe area until the job’s done. Ensure none of their toys are around the working area and inform the installers about kids and pets within the premises beforehand.

Prepare for the Unplanned

The HVAC installation process follows the estimate and service agreement. Thoroughly go through the two and ensure you understand what they mean and require. It’ll help you get everything ready for a smoother transition.

However, not everything always goes as planned. For example, the installers may find a problem they hadn’t noticed in the initial estimate. In such cases, ensure you’re available to answer questions or provide additional assistance. Unforeseen circumstances could increase the cost of heating system installation or AC installation.

Get the Best HVAC Installation Services

An HVAC installation is a long process that can run smoothly with advanced preparation. At Climate Control Heating & Air, we provide outstanding HVAC installations with our decades of experience. Give us a call today and get the best heating and air conditioning services in the area.

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