5 Common Household Allergens in Selma, TX

Through spring and summer, residents of Selma, TX, need to pay greater attention to allergens and how to fight them. In particular, household allergens deserve special attention. Here are five common household allergens and tips on how to fight them:

Dirt and Dust

Of all the allergens and threats to indoor air quality (IAQ), dirt and dust are easily the most widespread. They’re so plentiful that avoiding them entirely is probably impossible. Inhaling them can irritate your nose, throat and lungs, triggering allergy symptoms like coughing, sneezing and watery eyes.

There’s no need to sit there and quietly suffer from such issues. We recommend getting some air purifiers with HEPA filters that can remove a large percentage of even the most minute dust particles. Also, make sure to regularly and carefully vacuum your carpets and dust your furniture upholstery. Wipe shelves, tables and other hard surfaces in your home.

We strongly recommend that you check the air filters in your HVAC system monthly and change them at least once every 90 days. Over time, dust can gather on these filters. As air moves through your air conditioner, it can push some of that dust into your home. In addition, you need professional duct cleaning every so often to remove dust and dirt from your HVAC ducts.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are nearly always present with dust itself, but they constitute a different kind of allergen. They’re tiny, tick-like organisms that frequently attach themselves to dust particles and float through the air on them. When they get inside your air passages, they can bite or irritate you and cause allergic reactions.

Thankfully, many of the same precautions that can decrease the amount of dust in your home can also help to ward off dust mites. Air purifiers and regular dusting, cleaning and vacuuming all play important roles.


For many, pollen is the first thing that comes to mind when the subject of allergens arises. As spring rolls in and flowers bloom, pollen suddenly seems to be everywhere. Some of it will threaten to get into your home and cause you grief.

The most significant thing that you can do to keep pollen out of your home is to close your doors and windows and not open them unless absolutely necessary. Let your HVAC system make you comfortable, and don’t rely on outdoor air.

Lastly, since your pets can carry pollen in with them, clean their paws and brush them carefully after they come in from outdoors. And there’s more to discuss about pets.

Pet Dander

Pets are another common source of allergens. This is doubly true if your pets are hairy or furry. Not only will pollen and dust easily stick to such animals, but their shedding hair and dander can trigger your allergies as well.

There is one principal solution to this problem, and we cannot stress its importance enough: Clean your pets. Bathe them, scrub them and brush them to remove any dead skin cells or clumps of hair. It’s especially important to do this after they’ve spent time outside.

Biological Growths

Wet and humid environments can be breeding grounds for all sorts of unpleasant and harmful biological material. By allowing bacteria, viruses and similar things to proliferate, such a setting can eventually trigger sick building syndrome and have a high adverse effect on your health.

Thankfully, some precautions can help you avoid this problem. As with our discussions of other allergens, air purifiers can be of great help, though they will need to have exceptionally powerful filters if they are to catch viruses. Since they reduce humidity, dehumidifiers can also be of assistance.

Even if you’re lucky enough not to suffer from seasonal allergies, generalized threats to IAQ are still not good for you. Call our team at Climate Control Heating & Air today to sign up for the best IAQ services in Selma, TX.

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