Do you or your loved ones suffer from allergies? Are you finding that you are getting sick more often? San Antonio and the surrounding areas suffers from poor air quality. That poor outdoor air quality can cause pollutants to circulate through your homes HVAC system causing health issues for you and your family. At Climate Control Heating and Air, we can install a home air purification system specific for your home and family’s needs.


Conventional air filtration systems work by placing filers within your current HVAC system to catch particles as they pass through. An air purifier works in that it gives these particles an electrical charge that then attracts them to a collector plate within the device. The air purifier removes those particles from the air but does not inhibit air flow like a traditional air filtration device may. Similar to air filtration systems, an air purifier will be integrated directly into your HVAC system allowing for maximum results in your home.    See our special deal!


Besides the benefits of cleaner and easier to breathe air, a properly installed and functioning air purifier will not hurt your homes energy efficiency. You can improve your air quality today by calling Climate Control Heating and Air Sales and Service. Our professional, highly skilled staff are ready to create an individualized plan to make your home as comfortable as possible. Call or contact us today.